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  • Mek Rose (Wall only)

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Mek Rose (Wall only)

1 Finish 1 Size

Mek Rose (Wall only)

1 Finish 1 Size

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The esthetic appeal of brushed metallic plates superimposed on a concrete graphic effect: a furnishing element comes to life, its fine lines reminiscent of scratches turning into design elements.

Sizes and finishes


  Size Finish
1 1200x500 Matt (Wall Only)


Mek Rose 3D Ultrablade 800X400 (Wall only)

Mek Rose Hexagon (Wall only)

Mek Rose Mosaico Chevron (Wall only)

Mek Rose Mosaico Diamond (Wall only)

Mek Rose Mosaic Gold Circles (Wall only)

Mek Rose Wallpaper (Wall only)

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