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  • Calcestuezzo Light Grey

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Calcestuezzo Light Grey

8 Sizes 2 Finishes

Calcestuezzo Light Grey

8 Sizes 2 Finishes

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Calcestuezzo is the embodiment of a new design philosophy inspired by Japan and its unique concept of space and residential design. Based on the complex material character of concrete, Collinson Ceramics offers solutions that are radically innovative while also being steeped in traditions stretching back thousands of years.All this is expressed in a ceramic product that represents a harmonious synthesis of industrial precision and craftsman-like care, solidity and lightness, carefully researched functionality and aesthetic inspiration.

Sizes and finishes








  Size Finish
1 2600x1200 Matt PTV, Grip
2 1200x1200 Matt PTV, Grip
3 1200x600 Matt PTV, Grip
4 600x600 Matt PTV, Grip
5 600x300 Matt PTV, Grip
6 900x900 Matt PTV, Grip
7 450x450 Matt PTV, Grip

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