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  • Axi Grey Timber

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Axi Grey Timber

2 Finishes 4 Sizes

Axi Grey Timber

2 Finishes 4 Sizes

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Give design projects a strong, dynamic edge with Axi Grey Timber. This is a highly functional tile that resembles an aged wood surface but in a dark grey colour, creating a vibe of utilitarian chic. Axi Grey Timber works well in modern hospitality spaces, such as hotels and spas.

Sizes and finishes






  Size Finish
1 900x225 Matt PTV, Textured PTV 9mm
2 900x150 Matt PTV
3 600x600 External 20mm
4 900x450 External 20mm
5 1200x400 External 20mm


Axi Grey Timber Tatami 900x225

Axi Grey Timber Treccia 530x280mm

Axi Grey Timber Mosaico 3D 350x350mm

Axi Grey Timber Brick 3D 440x200mm

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