Terms & Conditions


(a)  These conditions of Sale shall apply to and govern any contract between the “Company” and the customer for the sale of Goods (which expression means those products which the Company offers for sale and which the customer purchases) and that to the exclusion of any other conditions contained on or in any letter, order form, receipt or similar document emanating from the customer and no variation of these Conditions of Sale shall be binding on the Company unless they have been specifically agreed to and accepted by the Company in writing.

(b)  Quotations are given in good faith in the light of our current delivery position and subject

to the availability of materials. Every effort will be made to effect delivery within the quoted period but no liability can be accepted should it be exceeded. Any arrangement entered into by the customer in anticipation of delivery within the quoted period is made at the sole risk of the customer.

(c)  No order from a customer shall be deemed to be accepted by the Company until confirmed, in writing, by or on behalf of the Company.



(a)  Quotations are based on current costs and are subject to amendment on or after the acceptance to meet any recognised rise or fall in such costs, unless specified to the contrary on the quotation form. Such rise or fall will apply at date of despatch irrespective of date of order.

(b)  Prices quoted are for delivery within mainland UK, prices quoted are for delivery f.o.q at the mainland port specified in the customers order.

(c)  Unless otherwise stated, quotations are based on our standard range of stocked colours.

(d)  All accounts are STRICTLY NETT and are due for payment in full at the end of the month following date of invoice. These terms are strictly applied and the company will exercise its right to withhold supplies in the event of an account becoming overdue. In the event of any sum due but not paid the company can, by written demand, make payable all outstanding amounts irrespective of when they are fall due for payment, which shall lose the benefit of any previously agreed discount.

(e)  In the event of payment not being made by the due date, interest at the rate of 2% per month (APR 26.8%) will be applied to any sum due from the customer. This amount will be  applied for each month of any part thereof.

(f)  All accounts are payable at the Company’s registered office – 31 Roseburn Street, Edinburgh, EH12 5PE.

(g)  All accounts operate within an overall credit limit, details of which are available to the customer on demand. Should the balance due exceed the credit limit, the customer may be asked toreduce the balance below the credit limit by making an early payment. No further purchases will be accepted on the account whilst the balance due is in excess of the credit limit.

(h)  Any account not utilised after a 12 month period will have the facility withdrawn. Any purchases made after the 12 month period will require payment on or before delivery.



(a)  No claim for breakages will be entertained unless a claim, in writing, has been received by us within 48 hours of receipt of goods by the customer.

(b)  No claim for shortage on delivery will be entertained unless signified at the time of delivery by endorsement on the delivery note “Unexamined” or other qualified signatures will not be binding on the company.

(c)  No liability will be entertained for any other discrepancy or complaint unless notified in writing within 7 days of receipt of goods.



(a)  The risk in the Goods shall pass to the customer on delivery in accordance with these Conditions save that, where the Goods are sold f.o.q the responsibility of the company and risk shall cease immediately when the Goods are delivered to the quayside.

(b)  Notwithstanding the foregoing, the property in the Goods shall not pass to the customer until the company has received payment in full of the price of the Goods and all other goods agreed to be sold by the Company to the customer for which payment is then due.

(c)  If any Goods cannot be identified with the name Collinsons or any name associated with Collinsons then upon production by the company of an invoice identifying the Goods  (or part thereof) as being in accordance with the Goods upon the customer’s premises  or under their control, the same shall be assumed to have been supplied by the company unless the customer shall provide otherwise.

(d)  The customer shall place any of the Goods belonging to the Company and in the customer’s possession or under the customer’s control at the absolute disposal of the Company and the Company by its servants or agents shall be entitled to enter upon any premises of the customer or any premised under the customer’s control or to which the customer has right of access for the purpose of inspection, repossession and removal of such goods at any time and without notice but any such visit shall only be made during normal working hours.



(a)  An order for Goods can only be cancelled by the Company’s written acceptance of such cancellation and on such terms and conditions as the Company shall then stipulate.

(b)  The Company will not accept the return of Goods for credit where such Goods have been correctly supplied to order. Where however, we agree voluntarily to such a return a handling charge of 20% or £30.00, whichever is greater, will be made.

(c)  The Company reserves the right to discontinue any goods without prior notice and no liability can be accepted for costs incurred by the customer for inability to supply balance.



(a)  No warranty or representation given by or on behalf of the Company including without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing any advice or assistance given of

whatsoever nature as to the installation use or performance of any Goods supplied by the Company shall be binding upon the company unless specifically stated in writing to be incorporated into the contract.

(b)  No tiles are guaranteed against crazing.

(c)   Some variation in shade is an inherent part of tile manufacture.

  1. i) No responsibilty in respect of shade variation will be accepted after tiles are fixed.
  2. ii) Goods supplied may not reflect precisely the shade of sample material.

iii)  No responsibilty in respect of staining caused by coloured grouts will be accepted.